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Furniture & Artcrafts
Furniture is the heart of our company. Together with our partner we are capable of reproducing any kind of style, dimension or finish.
Together, we guarantee that every piece we make is the proof of outstanding quality but will also valorise your project entirely. Read more

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Gold leaf
Gilding truly attracts light and brings sunshine into a room. It complements every colour and will emphasize it and make it more plump, or on the contrary soften it, or even make it stand out. Sometimes, even a fine line is enough to bring this luminous effect. Read more

Our history
I had the luck to encounter beauty from a young age. My grand-father was a printer and had an eye for all that is proportions, a refined taste, and a passion for fine and polished work. During his spare time, he would visit old and dusty flea markets to find rare pearls. He had taught me why something was considered beautiful. Read more
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Showroom tijdelijk gesloten wegens COVID-19

The Corona virus has taken hold of the whole world, and Belgium has not been spared either. Our government has taken drastic measures to reduce ...

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Private Apartment – Persian Gulf

A truly remarkable project of the highest level!! We had the honour and privilege to work with a supreme interior architect in the Persian gulf ...

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Private Client – Paris

For a private client on the borders of Paris we made a sofa set comprising a 3-seater and 2 lounge chairs based on our well ...

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