Why have you decided to set up this company?

We live in an age where trends and consumption evolve rapidly. We are pushed to consume, increasingly and without moderation. Not only in terms of food and clothing but also in interior design and furniture. Exhibitions launch new trends and the "color of the year" is booming, but seems quickly replaced by another to satisfy new needs each year. The path to durability and the passing-on of beauty onto the next generation is getting lost. With our furniture and custom-made products, we answer to sustainable consumption.

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I was lucky to encounter beauty at a young age.


How did it all start?

I was lucky to encounter beauty at a young age. My grandfather was a printer with an eye for proportions and passion for fine and polished work. During his spare time, he would visit old and dusty flea markets searching for rare pearls. My grandfather taught me why something is considered beautiful: light, architecture, a church’s stained glass windows, meticulous musical compositions or fine and unique furniture. Behind all that hides not only intuition and emotion, but also detailed and brilliant mastery. 

With the help of my other grandfather, I live a in beautiful manor house which has been in my family for many decades. The manor was erected in a Louis XVI style and I decided to restore it in the same style. I paid attention to the details and learned a great deal on patinas, colours, forms and materials. I observed the chandeliers, parquet floors and also the furniture was not immune to my inspection. The seat height, the furnishing fabrics, the soft red colour filtering through a fine leaf of gold. That is why the timeless look is so valuable to me. Cherishing the past in this rapid-evolving era.

Wouldn’t it be better to restore instead of producing?

It is an incredible gift to be able to restore something that centuries ago has been fabricated with patience and technique. In this resides my greatest conviction. Nevertheless, my research on classical furniture deeply disappointed me. The offers visibly decrease and usually one is left with a two-sided coin: if the state of the furniture is perfect, the price is by definition exorbitant and if the price is acceptable, the furniture is not fit for use and in need of many related restoration costs. The reproduction of antique furniture is in my opinion the perfect reply to this duality.


There was always something wrong: or a blatant lack of quality or a style mistake. The only solution that remained: tailor-made.

Aren’t there a lot of companies
that sell this kind of furniture.

What makes your furniture
any better or different?

The supply is indeed high, but during prospections our feeling was rarely positive. There was always something wrong: or a blatant lack of quality or a style mistakes. The only solution that remained: tailor-made. 

The whims of fate brought me in contact with a manufacturer that revived classical furniture, handmade and custom-made. Furthermore, this company already had an honorable reputation: as supplier of several royal courts and remarkable collaborations with different prestigious museums, renowned artists and famous designers. After a first visit, we quickly found ourselves on the same page. 

Hence, after years of thorough research, my wife and I succeeded in creating our company "Furniture & Artcrafts”, equally representing our initials: Frederic and Anna.


Do you additionally make
interior projects in their totality?

Clients in search of our type of furniture are often sensitive to the quick-evolving surroundings in today’s era. In order to align our creations with the desires of our clients, we frequently travel to assist and advise our customers when they feel the need. 

Our personal investment and passion brings us to meet many talented people equipped with creativity. To improve, we surround ourselves with partners that know how to transmit their knowledge and can guide us with their experiences. Thus, as of today, we work with one of the oldest and most renowned English fabric editors. Finding an associate of this calibre needs research, patience, and a bit of luck. But once the collaboration settles, it’s only a matter of thinking and working together closely. The common passion of creating the perfect finish is what drives us. In the same way, we work with a master flooring contractor, a blacksmith and an epochal chandeliers supplier.


Our personal investment and passion brings us to meet many talented people equipped with creativity.


The quest to find a person provided with the necessary expertise regarding gilding turned out to be more difficult than expected. Therefore I personally developed my technique with the help of a professor gilder and decorator. Thorough knowledge, patience, precision and a refined mastery is the key to success. Applying gold leaf slows down time and allows us to enjoy it completely.