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Our gilding gets awarded with the title of “Certified Craft”

Gilding as a certified craft :

A recognition as a craftsman is not just another logo.

It confirms the authentic character of an activity, the manual aspect of the work and the know-how as a craftsman or craftswoman.

In 2016, I followed a course in “gilding”. In order to master the craft properly, my teacher encouraged me to finish as many objects as possible as an exercise. A number of these exercises were noticed by customers and suppliers and have led to good cooperation in a very short period of time. I gilded a door pediment and created a metallic patina. I took this pediment with me on a prospection trip to the Middle East and donated it to an interior designer as a gift.
Without realising it, this pediment came into the hands of a person from a royal family in the middle east. This prince was full of praise for the patina I had created and we were allowed to deliver all the furniture, with this patina, for his new office.

Golden birds

What started as an exercise led to an exclusivity contract:

To practice my gilding, I gilded one of the design clocks of the company Haoshi from Taiwan. After finishing and installing the clock, I sent them a picture of the final result. Gilding their product in Europe was considered by Haoshi a serious added value and at the end of last year I signed an exclusivity contract with this company in which I will be the only gilder who will be responsible for gilding their products.

My work in the domains of “gilding” and “reproduction furniture” did not go unnoticed by the committee of crafts from the Belgian government and it is therefore with due pride that, with my company, in the category “furniture and interior decoration – graphic arts” we received the title of “Certified Craft”.

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