Sofa Design

Private Project – Middle-East Sheikh

As part of a complete office project with royal allures, we were commissioned to manufacture a sofa as per exact clients standards, measurements and finishes.
(refer to Picture 1)

Drawn and created with good taste and captured in a 3D image (refer to Picture 2), all info was send to us to manufacture exactly to match in the complete interior.

As “Certified Craftsman” (by Belgian government), we have created a specific gold leaf patina for this client and this has been applied on all the furniture in this project. (refer to Picture 3)

Furniture & Artcrafts is specialised in the (re)production of all tailor made furniture and is not limited by styles, sizes or finishes. (refer to Picture 4 and 5)

The 3D simulation has been transferred into a drawing after which some adaptations were made by the client. Manufactured with a lot of attention and care and finished with a personalised gold leaf-patina and yellow velvet, We might truly speak of a successfully produced item.

And this kind of work we execute globally for many high end B2B clients like interior architects, furniture stores (to create an own collection), project teams, decorators, hospitality specialists among others.

You name it, we make it!!

Interested to know how much your furniture would cost? Feel free to contact us for more info or to get a quotation for your own project.

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