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F & A @ M & O

Also this year, from 19-23 January, Furniture & Artcrafts was present at the international interior exhibition Maison et Objet in Paris. In hall 4 « Elegant » we presented our reproductions of classical furniture and tailor made products.

We thank our many existing customers that passed by for a visit and we look forward to explore all the new contacts that have been made.

Furniture & Artcrafts is one of the top Luxury European Bespoke Furniture Brands. We specialize in the intricate design finishes and carvings. We offer a wide range of luxury sofas, luxury beds, luxury arm chairs, luxury console tables, luxury dining tables to name a few. Also to add to our accolades, we have been awarded the coveted title of “Certified Craftsman” by the Belgian government for our work.

What makes our furniture any better or different?
The supply is indeed high, but during our prospecting, our feeling rarely revealed to be positive. There was always something that went wrong; or a blatant lack of quality, or a style mistake… The only solution that remained: tailor-made.

The whims of fate, brought me in contact with a manufacturer that revived classical furniture, handmade, and custom-made! Furthermore, this company already had an honourable reputation: supplier of several royal courts, remarkable collaborations with different prestigious museums, renowned artists, famous designers… After a first visit, we found ourselves on the same wavelength.

Hence, my wife and I succeeded, after years of thorough research, in creating our company “Furniture & Artcrafts” (equally representing our initials: Frederic and Anna).

The quest to find a person provided with the necessary expertise regarding gilding turned out to be more difficult that expected. So, I personally developed my technique with the help of a professor gilder and decorator. Knowing how to do something precisely and master it is important; a symbol of patience and precision. Applying gold leaf slows down time, allowing us to enjoy it completely.

Contact us for a custom quote: info [@] furniture-artcrafts.com
Maison et Objet

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